About Our Society...

The Gold Coast Succulent and Bromeliad Society Inc.

Serving the hobbyist of the Gold Coast area since 1978

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, education and encouragment of learning about Succulent and Bromeliad plants.

We further promote friendship with knowledge, by teaching and educating enthusiasts in the growing and caring of Succulents and Bromeliads.

Our Society holds regular monthly general meetings featuring knowledgeable guest speakers to educate, advise and share their experiences about these fascinating groups of plants and their native habitats.

Other Society activities include; shows with plant displays, plant sales, nursery visits, bus trips and field days to gardens & growers' collections.

The Society produces an informative bimonthly newsletter called the "Bromlink," which is available to all members. the Bromlink carries regular and special articles and features like the advertising of upcoming events, plant descriptions, monthly meeting topics, competition results, reports, book reviews, plant cultivation and propagation and the items for sale including plants, seeds, books and magazines.

The Gold Coast Succulent and Bromeliad Society Inc. invites you to attend our meetings and join in the fellowship and entertainment and consider becoming a member.

The aims of our society are:

a) to stimulate interest in the conservation, and to promote the culture and development of the succulents and bromeliads,

b) to acquire and disseminate information regarding these plants and to encourage their production and propagation,

c) to ban totally from our collection any such plants which become noxious,

d) to enlighten members and the public on the dangers of cultivating certain noxious species,

e) to give exhibitions, arrange field days, and other events, and to make such publications as are deemed desirable,

f) to associate, affiliate or otherwise joint or connect ourselves with similar bodies or societies,

g) to make seeds and plants available to members under the control of the Society, and

h) to foster family membership and members.


We welcome single and family memberships for $25 & $40 respectively - for the membership year commencing 1st October.

The downloadable membership application form below should explain all matters.
If not, please feel free to email our Membership volunteer by clicking here: Membership Enquiry.

Download your Membership Application Form here - PDF 145kb.Click Here


Our bi-monthly newsletter (Bromlink) is posted & emailed to members as part of their membership and before publication on our website. Some past editions can be downloaded here:

2015Jan - Feb 2015
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